Reaper Method - Tredecim DVD & Manual Set AVAILABLE NOW!

Inspired by Iaido (the traditional Japanese martial art of sword drawing), Reaper Method — Tredecim (RMT) is the Libre Fighting approach of bringing a pocket knife into play and launching an attack in a single fluid motion. 

Broken down into thirteen simple techniques, RMT addresses dealing with attackers approaching from any angle as well as preventing them from drawing their own weapon while deploying yours. 

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Skill Set 5 and Selected Skills!!!

Disc 1 - Skill Set 5

Brachial Artery Stab w/Q cut
Descending Slash into Ripcord
Grizz Maul
Push Cut
Arm Fillet
Throat Stab
Femoral Spike
Questions & Answers

Disc 2 - Selected Skills

Concealed Blade Applications
Multiple Opponent Entries
Dynamic Entry Samples
Base Disruption Samples
The Eye Spike

(includes domestic and international shipping)

The Libre Knife Skill Sets 1-4 DVDs Now Available for Download

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